Contra Dancing
in the northern Sierra Nevada foothills

Dance Schedule

All regular dances are on Saturdays from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm (first Saturdays in Nevada City and third Saturdays in Newcastle). The Newcastle dance takes a summer break for July, August, and September.

A newcomers' workshop precedes each dance; it usually begins around 7:30 pm. For more information about a particular dance or dance venue, email us or call 530-273-3934 (Nevada City) or 530-346-0099 (Newcastle).

Month Day Venue Caller Band Additional info
January 2018 6 NCOF Joyce Miller Hot Cider  
January 2018 20 NPH Mark Goodwin Magical Reelism  
February 3 NCOF Mark Goodwin Hot Cider  
February 17 NPH Celia Ramsay Starthistle  
March 3 NCOF Andy Shore Hot Cider  
March 17 NPH Talib Huff Magic Reelism  
April 7 NCOF Bob O'Brien Hot Cider Hot Cider retirement party
April 21 NPH Nick Cuccia Starthistle  
May 5 NCOF Joyce Miller The Crabapples
May 19 NPH Yoyo Zhou Starthistle  
June 2 NCOF Susan Petrick Starthistle
June 16 NPH -- -- Summer break; dance cancelled
July 7 NCOF Wild Goose Chase
July 21 NPH -- -- Summer break; dance cancelled